Anchovy Pastes & Purees

Haliburton International Foods Inc. is the largest manufacturer of anchovy pastes and purees in the world. Available in more than 20 different formulations, including low salt purees, these products are distributed primarily to salad dressing and sauce manufactures worldwide. All of our products are Kosher certified and preservative free.

Haliburton differs significantly from all other manufacturers in this industry. In an industry that is constantly challenged by variations in raw material (fish) supplies and the inevitable inconsistencies associated with the "art" of salting and curing fish, Haliburton applies science, manufacturing expertise, advanced analytical methods and computer formulation to achieve the industry's highest level of quality and consistency. We achieve this by manufacturing our anchovy products in large batches, typically 5 to 10 times larger than our competition and analyzing each batch for eight separate microbiological and chemical components, a practice unmatched in the industry. We computer formulate each batch based on these analytical results, enabling us to pinpoint the exact specifications our customers require. We conduct a second analysis of the finished products, and report all of these results to our customers in an Analytical Report and Product Guarantee certificate that is supplied with each shipment.

Our Global Sourcing Team visits each one of our fishery partners regularly and oversees the annual catch and processing season. We audit and validate each fishery partner to ensure that they are complying with US Federal HACCP regulations, GMP's and Kosher processing methods, as well as following sustainable fishery harvest practices. Available in package sizes from 20 pounds to 2500 pounds, we have the right formulation and packaging solution for every application.