Vegetable Purees and Bases

For almost two decades, Haliburton has been manufacturing and distributing a full line of fully pasteurized, aseptically filled vegetable bases and purees. Available in more than 45 different vegetable varieties, these products are distributed primarily to industrial foods manufacturers worldwide. In addition to these products, we also offer most items in roasted, sautéed or grilled vegetable purees and bases as well as a variety of vegetable blends. Using a continuous process of steam sterilization and rapid cooling, we are able to preserve the vibrant colors and fresh flavor of the vegetables and reliably kill spoilage organisms, enzymes and pathogens.

Available in packages from 40 pounds to 3000 pound totes, these aseptic products can be stored and shipped without refrigeration and have up to two years shelf life. And best of all, most of our products are all natural, preservative free and Kosher certified. Packed under the supervision of the FDA, these products are certified to be commercially sterile.