Authenticity. It's not just a trend; it's our purpose

While Authenticity is one of the foodservice industry's leading trends, it is also a cornerstone in the flavor development at Haliburton International Foods. Our company was founded on the principle of capturing flavor just as it was intended, merging culinary expertise and patented technology to yield the real, authentic flavors of vegetables, purées, soups, sauces and spreads. Whether it's from field-fresh produce of California's Central Valley or Fire Roasted Salsas, authentic flavor is our business.

"Many operators and consumers are trying to find the 'culinary roots' of food items today. So many flavors have veered away from their roots so much that the majority of consumers only know an interpretation of a product and not what the original creation looked or tasted like. The opportunity is for operators to provide to their customers those flavors as they were originally intended."
Don Maderich, Vice President

"I'd call Authenticity more of a 'movement' than a 'trend.' Nearly everyone has a story of a time or place where they experienced a 'truly authentic' meal. Whether that's an authentic Oaxacan mole, egg pasta from Emilia-Romagna or Texas barbecue, people have a visceral need to taste what they perceive to be the gold standard. The opportunity for menu developers is to determine those authentic dishes, ingredients or techniques that resonate with their target consumers and apply that knowledge to their menu development.

This movement is about gaining experience and knowledge about a particular food or ingredient, and using that as a guide to replicate or modify a product or recipe in a way that makes it approachable. At Haliburton, we dedicate time to the research and application of culinary technique, science and engineering, with the overall objective of making products that help our customers deliver on an authentic flavor experience."
Rich Marasco, Director of Culinary

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