Chile Pepper Pastes, Purees and Pepper Sauces

Haliburton produces a line of fully pasteurized chile pepper pastes, purees and pepper sauces. Distributed primarily to industrial food manufacturers and foodservice operators, these products utilize a proprietary mechanical cleaning, de-stemming and de-seeding process developed by Haliburton engineers. This unique process replaces the work of hundreds of human hands at a fraction of the cost and creates significant product and cost advantages over all of the competition. By virtue of this technology, Haliburton is the market leader in many of the new flavor trends showing up on store shelves and restaurant tables today, including ancho, chipotle, habanero and pasilla en panela. Create your own Signature “Trinity” of chiles by blending several together. From Cascabel, De Arbol, Guajillo and Habanero to Japones, Mulato, Pequin and Thai, we have a solution for you. Need a selection of peppers for a new Asian Green Curry or a Spicy Sambal? How about a selection of chile peppers for a Jerk Salmon or spicy Hungarian Goulash? Our experienced team of chefs is ready to help.

Just as roasting enhances the flavor of coffee beans, toasting enhances the flavor of dried chile peppers. Haliburton engineers have developed a proprietary chile toasting technology to delicately heat chile peppers and enhance the nutty flavors and aromas, replicating the “Comal” heating process used in many authentic Mexican dishes. This is a key component in our line of Authentic Mexican Salsas, sold under Haliburton’s Salsa Fresca® brand.

All of our chile pepper pastes, purees and pepper sauces are available in packages from 1 pound through 3000 pound bulk totes.