IQF Fire Roasted Vegetables & Vegetable Blends

Haliburton manufactures a line of restaurant quality, true Center-of-the-Plate Individually Quick Frozen Roasted Vegetables. Using a proprietary High-Temperature Flame Roasting process followed by Flash Freezing, we are able to produce a frozen roasted vegetable with fresh flavor, vibrant color and firm texture, a true replacement for fresh vegetables. The typical soft texture and washed out color of conventional frozen vegetables is a thing of the past with our proprietary process, as is the telltale weeping or syneresis. Our vegetables perform brilliantly in salads, on top of pizzas, and as a Center-of-the-Plate accompaniment to any entrée - and they are certified Ready-to-Eat.

We offer over 40 different vegetable varieties in hundreds of different cuts. If you need diced, sliced, julienne, medallions, quarters, crinkle cuts, matchstick, whole, or any other cut, we have a solution for you. From Asparagus, Butternut Squash, Edamame and Fennel to Garlic, Mushroom, Poblano Pepper and Zucchini, we have all of the varieties that you are looking for, and then some! Need a unique packaging solution for retail, foodservice or bulk, no problem - we have 12 ounce microwaveable packages, all the way through to 1000 pound bulk totes. Pick your product, pick your package. How about a blend of vegetables? We offer any combination of roasted and non-roasted vegetables that you can dream up, formulated to exacting standards and packaged your way. Add seasoning, no problem - just ask our team of chefs to help you create YOUR Signature blend. Add IQF Rice, IQF Pasta or IQF Seafood to any blend…Szechuan Shrimp with Wild Rice and Roasted Sugar Snap Peas, Matchstick Carrots and Brown Mushrooms? Challenge us!