Ian Schenkel, President and CEO

With an engineering degree and 28 years of food processing experience, Ian founded the company on the simple premise that innovative, new technologies could improve the quality and consistency of foods while reducing costs and improving functionality. Evidenced by our many proprietary process and packaging technologies and unique product offerings, this simple premise seems to work. A relentless customer, employee and vendor advocate, Ian’s principles of honesty, clear communication and fair dealings are the foundation of all of our customer, employee and vendor relationships.

Ian has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering that he earned at Queens University in Kingston, Canada. After college, Ian worked as a Project Engineer at Stephan Machinery Corporation in Columbus, Ohio designing food processing facilities for national and multinational food manufacturers. After a brief stint at Stephan’s parent company in Europe, Ian was promoted to Engineering Manager for North American operations. Ian also spent several years as a Regional Sales Manager working for Sasib Bakery N.A. before founding Haliburton in 1992.

With many years of food process and machine design experience, Ian is constantly searching for better solutions, be it unique raw materials, proprietary process technology and innovative packaging concepts that will give Haliburton and our customers a leg up on the competition.