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Hummus has been an international favorite for centuries and is now a popular dip throughout the United States. Know as a healthy menu choice, this low-fat, high fiber favorite is often served with bread, chips or as a spread. The culinary team at Haliburton International Foods is taking Hummus to a whole new level. We have crafted an assortment of globally flavor inspired hummus or flavor spreads that can innovate your menu offerings. OPA!

  • curried lentil hummus

    Curried Lentil Hummus

    Inspired by the flavors of the Indian subcontinent, we’ve created a creamy hummus of lentil beans flavored with a blend of Spicy Madras Curry, ginger, fresh garlic, cilantro, tahini, and lemon juice.

  • fire roasted hummus

    Fire Roasted Edamame Hummus

    A tribute to Asian Fusion Cuisine, this velvety smooth hummus is made from fire roasted fresh soybeans, fresh and pickled ginger, tahini, a splash of soy sauce and a delicate hint of wasabi.

  • roasted garlic hummus

    Roasted Garlic Hummus

    A Middle Eastern classic made from slow roasted fresh garlic, this is a traditional hummus of chick peas, olive oil and lemon juice with the wonderful flavor of mellow caramelized garlic.

  • black bean hummus

    Black Bean Hummus

    This popular Latin American bean has taken a twist, combined with the unique taste of black tahini, black cocoa, and chipotle in adobo spices and lime juice to create a savory dip, reminiscent of Mole.

  • tuscan white bean hummus

    Tuscan White Bean Hummus

    Inspired by the flavors of the Tuscany region of Italy, this white bean creation is humbly flavored with fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, Mediterranean spices and tahini, presented as an extraordinarily creamy hummus with a velvety texture.

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