Equal Parts, Food, Science and Taste

Established in 1992 with the goal of marrying food science and culinary excellence to improve the quality and reduce the cost of manufactured foods, Haliburton has grown into a specialty foods powerhouse. We service the nation's largest retailers, national restaurant chains and top 100 food manufacturers from our newly constructed 120,000+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ontario, California featuring:

  • A fully equipped Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • On-site Microbiology Laboratory
  • A Research & Development Laboratory
  • A fully equipped Product Development Kitchen
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • National Distribution Operations

Strategically located in the heart of North America's agricultural growing region, we process over 20 tons of fresh food every hour - all certified to strict Kosher standards.To validate our unbeatable quality standards, we open our facilities up to 20 independent food safety inspections every year - which helps to explain our Superior rating from the AIB. And because we are always evaluating and upgrading to the newest processing and packaging technologies, we offer our customers unique products and solutions and create real menu distinction and market differentiation - an advantage our customers can take to the bank.

Whether you're looking for vibrant colors, crisp fresh texture, superior taste, or unique packaging solutions for the freezer, cooler or microwave, Haliburton has the answers.