Best in Class Culinary and Research & Development Services As leaders in product design and menu concept development, Haliburton employs some very passionate chefs and food scientists. With extensive backgrounds in restaurant and hotel food & beverage operations and formal training in culinary arts and food science, team members understand what it takes to go from “concept to commercialization”. Culinary and R&D Highlights - Account-specific corporate chefs with formal culinary and pastry arts training from the Culinary Institute of America, Le Corden Bleu and Johnson & Wales University - Account specific food scientists with diverse backgrounds in hot and cold process sauce, soup, grain, roasted vegetable and pickling product development. - Two commercial demonstration kitchens with flexible equipment design including open flame and flat top grills, Rational self- cooking center, combi oven convection ovens, deep fryers, salamanders, institutional wok station, immersion circulators, high speed panini press and microwaves. - Large, roomy 12 station R&D lab with induction cooktops, presentation station and an array of product testing equipment. Culinary and Research & Development Hot & Cold Process Sauces - Savory and sweet hot and cold process sauces and salsas with a focus on clean label design - Ready-to-use (RTU) and concentrate formats - Chile toasting capability for unmatched depth of flavor and authenticity - Regionally authentic Mexican salsas and sauces - Extended shelf life - Shelf stable, refrigerated or frozen - The latest high speed packaging equipment with industry leading packaging rates from 50 to 240 bpm - Operations-friendly, customizable flexible packaging to suit your menu design - Over 100 million pounds of kettle capacity - Flash pasteurization and pouch chilling for vibrant color, flavor retention and extended shelf life Kettle & Sauce Operations Authentic Salsas Cutting Edge Beverage Mixer Globally Inspired Sauces Aiolis, Pesto, Jams and Relishes Artisan Soups