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Haliburton processes high acid (low pH) acidified and pasteurized food products under the jurisdiction and licensing of the State of California Department of Public Health (Cannery License Program), the US Food and Drug Administration (Low Acid Aseptic Process Registration), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Quality team taking environmental swab
Quality team documenting test results
Xray testing for foreign materials


The State of California requires all existing and new products and processes to be filed with the State along with all formula information prior to approval for manufacturing. The State of California issues a unique product registration number for every product manufactured under the State’s Cannery Inspection Program.

Haliburton has over 100 registered products with the State of California. A State of California inspector inspects all pasteurized acidified food products manufactured by Haliburton on a bi-weekly basis. All products are tested for compliance under the State’s Cannery Inspection Program and assigned an approval once tested and released. The US FDA requires a process approval and registration prior to manufacturing any new products and conducts random unannounced inspections to ensure compliance.

Haliburton operates under local, State and Federal regulatory oversight, those being:

  • City of Ontario, waste water and storm water discharge permits
  • County of San Bernardino, Environmental Health Permit
  • County of San Bernardino, Fire and Hazmat Permit
  • California, Department of Public Health, Processed Foods Registration
  • California Environmental Protection Agency, CEPA Permit
  • United States Department of Agriculture, PACA License
  • United States Food and Drug Administration, Public Health and Bioterrorism Preparedness Act
  • United States Food and Drug Administration, Low Acid Aseptic System Establishment Registration

Haliburton also operates as a Kosher facility under the Supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU) – Kashruth Division of New York.

We are also certified to produce Halal products under the Islamic Services of America.

Haliburton has also been certified to produce Organic foods and Gluten-free products.