Rolando Sida
Rolando Sida, Director of Manufacturing
Sergio Valenzuela
Corporate Chef
Sergio Valenzuela, Development Chef

Meet the Team

Most of the hundreds of products that we manufacture today utilize proprietary processes, our own unique ingredients or state-of-the-art packaging technology. This gives us a distinct market advantage and customer appeal, as well as a significant cost advantage. We offer:

  • Expertise in manufacturing, quality assurance and quality control
  • State-of-art manufacturing facility with tremendous scale and capacity for growth
  • Proprietary technologies that enhance product solutions while driving down costs
  • Experienced and knowledgeable sales and management team
  • Best-in-class culinary team to support your menu and product development needs
  • Experienced Research & Development team to solve product and packaging challenges
  • Aggressive growth strategy with a proven track record of performance and stability
  • Industry leading speed to market capabilities
  • Strong multi-national customer base

As a primary processor of vegetable, grain and bean products our location and strong partnership with our growers and the vendor community, gives us the ability to offer competitive pricing and unique products to our customers. This combined with our large-scale manufacturing operations, gives us the ability to service the largest national restaurant operators both domestically and Internationally.