Rolando Sida, Director of Manufacturing

Rolando Sida

Director of Manufacturing

As head of manufacturing, Rolando directs the activities of Haliburton’s diverse production and operations support teams. With the goal of ensuring high quality, best in class food products, Rolando’s unwavering dedication to continuous improvement is infectious among his peers. He manages all aspects of continuous improvement including capital projects, plant layout, mechanical systems, facilities care and environmental improvement.

A big believer in employee empowerment, food safety, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing and Kaizen, Rolando is dedicated to employee engagement and total quality improvement.

Ian Schenkel
President and CEO
Ian Schenkel, President and CEO
Rich Marasco
Executive Vice President
Rich Marasco, Executive Vice President
Matthew D. Taggart
Vice President and General Counsel
Matthew D. Taggart, Vice President and General Counsel
Clement A. Saseun
CFS, Vice President of Quality and Technical Services
Clement A. Saseun, CFS, Vice President of Quality and Technical Services
Ken Brandstetter
VP of Sales and Business Development
Mike Barrett
Director of National Accounts
Josh Fischer
Director of National Accounts
Patty Klein
Director of Customer Service
Patty Klein, Director of Customer Service
Andrea Ables
Director of Creative Services
Andrea Ables, Director of Creative Services
Mike Leccese
Director of Culinary and R&D
Mike Leccese, Director of Culinary and R&D
Robert LeSage
Corporate Chef
Robert LeSage, Corporate Chef
Justin Gorup
Corporate Chef
Justin Gorup, Corporate Chef
Sergio Valenzuela
Corporate Chef
Sergio Valenzuela, Development Chef
Marcie Joseph
R&D Project Manager
Marcie Joseph, R&D Project Manager
Sri Mikkilineni
R&D Commercialization Manager
Sri Mikkilineni, R&D Commercialization Manager